Your Business and Facebook Marketing

Approximately 33.6 Million Filipinos are online and a big chunk of those are on social media. Facebook, the leading social media in the Philippines, has a whopping 29.9 Million Filipino users. Of the 29.9 Million, nearly 12 Million are young adults aged 18 – 24 years old.

Facebook, is considered by Digital Marketing experts as one of the most effective marketing tools when building your brand online. And why wouldn’t it be, when nearly everyone is “Facebooking.”

Young adults dominating the Facebook market translates to the possibilities of penetrating a market that is defined to be at the peak of their independent careers: spending and deciding for themselves, which makes them consumers who are open and ready to buy what they believe are useful for them.

How do you take advantage of finding a pool of your target market in one online space?

Here are 3 reasons why your business should consider Facebook Marketing:

1) Get In touch with your target market – Facebook is precise in its statistics and this is very good for your business. Users’ age, sex, location – they have all the data you need, categorized and computed according to percentage. Hitting your target market, down to the specifics, becomes easier with Facebook’s organized database. Polls for surveys, advertising links and other marketing platforms are conveniently available on Facebook for your marketing use. Finding out what the like and need and offering your product as solution for it becomes possible with just a few clicks and strategic messaging.

2) Be a part of your target market’s routine – To be on Facebook gives your brand an opportunity to be an integral part of your market’s daily routine through their profiles and preferences. It’s definitely more effective and efficient than exerting much effort to make them notice you amidst all other competing products or services on traditional media or in stores. Noteworthy are studies that show most people check their Facebook at least twice a day. Imagine being visible to them through their news feed several times a day. The fact that you get noticed more frequently and people are getting aware of your existence already saves you half the effort to advertise and create brand awareness and connection.

3) Cost-efficient in nature – With Facebook marketing, you actually cut your advertising costs to half. Imagine not having to advertise to tri-media (TV-Radio-Print), and simply reaching the targeted Millions that actually matters to your brand.

With strategic Digital Marketing Planning, Facebook Marketing can become a powerful marketing tool for your business. Facebook has managed to bring together groups of people in one place making it a practical venue for businesses to connect to their customers.

Now the challenge lies in whether or not you can efficiently and effectively maximize the opportunity to be exposed to your target market.